100XCoin Intends to Enhance BSC-Based DeFi Usage Through Multi-Layered Approach

The current path from fiat to crypto for new users can be complicated. Not only do many exchanges not accept fiat, but the process itself can be confusing. Once inside the crypto ecosystem, crypto-to-crypto exchange, either on centralized exchanges (CEXs) or decentralized exchanges (DEXs) is fairly straightforward for those who have experience, even when buying meme coins with ever-expanding utility.

But the learning curve for crypto outsiders is steep, and the on/off-ramps between fiat and crypto remain cumbersome – sometimes due to regulatory constraints and sometimes because there has been insufficient investment in making those ramps easier to navigate.

100xCoin, A True Game-Changer

Ken Llamas, founder and CEO of 100xCoin, realized that crypto needed an overhaul. Ken and his team are currently developing an app – called 100xAltbase, being demo’ed by investors at this moment. In doing so, 100xAltbase will make purchasing crypto as easy as installing an app, entering credit card details, and buying whatever BSC-supported altcoins users want.

The Altbase mobile app opens up a world of opportunities with the click of a button. Apart from enabling a simplified crypto on-ramp, 100xCoin will be a launchpad for DeFi projects looking to benefit from BSC’s growing influence. And it is launching at exactly the right time – altcoins are booming and there has never been a better time to buy crypto, trade PancakeSwap coins, or buy NFT art.

$100x coins are also built on a fair and transparent tokenomic structure that ensures they become increasingly rare over time. Only 1.5% of the supply has been allocated to marketing and development, and there is a 3% burn rate for each trade, meaning some $100x coins are destroyed with every transaction, increasing their value over time as scarcity increases, which is rarely the case with many new crypto coins.

It is as simple as online shopping to get straight onto the Binance Smart Chain, one of the most innovative projects in crypto. Here, there are plenty of cryptos to choose from, including wrapped versions of popular cryptocurrencies like Tron or Ethereum. BSC is one of the sector’s fastest growing platforms, with a number of applications available and hundreds of new crypto coins.

Endless Possibilities For 100xCoin

Some users may want to swap PancakeSwap coins, so 100xCoin is available for purchase here as well. A number of DeFi tokens are available on this AMM, with billions in total locked value changing hands on a daily basis. Trading PancakeSwap coins is an easy and accessible way to access a range of different markets and enhance DeFi possibilities.

Others may be less interested in trading PancakeSwap coins and more interested in NFTs and would like to get early access to some of the hottest collectible drops. 100xCoin has partnered with some of the biggest celebrity endorsements from the NFL, MMA, boxing and entertainment to bring 100xCoin HODLers some of the most exciting launches on Binance Smart Chain, providing BSC enthusiasts with a multi-layered approach to their digital assets activity that also breeds ever-expanding gains when handled right, differentiating 100xCoin from other new crypto coins.

Users looking to buy NFT art are likely to find 100xCoin an easy entry point. Community members who stake their 100xCoins will be offered front row seats in one of the fastest-growing ecosystems in crypto, with early access to buy NFT art, including some of BSC’s first-ever athlete and celebrity-endorsed NFTs minted on the network. These early projects are set to launch at the end of May.

With a fully audited smart contract and a strong team backing the project, 100xCoin has an ambitious roadmap in place that is backed by trust and transparency. No more rug pulls. No more anonymous teams behind murky crypto projects. Ken Llamas is a high-profile crypto identity, backed by an experienced team that values integrity and making crypto work for the community.

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