100xCoin Launches in Bid to Disrupt the Crypto Wild West

ROSEDALE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / May 17, 2021 / In a market boom equivalent to a digital expansion westward, the rapidly growing crypto scene is part of the Wild West as it is a land of opportunity and prosperity. Futures are made and fates are sealed as new investors arrive each day hoping to plant a flag and claim their piece of the new dream. Under the direction of founder and CEO Ken Llamas, 100xCoin gives the Binance Smart Chain a welcome sense of security by providing investors with reassuring stability through innovation and transparency.

Announcing the groundbreaking app

Current investors recently published a demo of the coin’s new 100xAltbase app and were able to get a glimpse into the next big step of 100xCoin. The app aims to remove a major challenge related to alternative cryptocurrencies by offering new investors a simplified purchase process. With a rapid surge in popularity this year, the cryptocurrency has seen a surge in potential investors keen to get involved in the action. When a person unfamiliar with the crypto process decides they want to buy into a coin, they are faced with a process that involves several steps to complete a transaction. Linking wallets, adding contract addresses, exchanges through internal wallet browsers, buying a coin to buy another – these are all steps that can intimidate someone who wants to be part of the next big thing.

Unmatched community support

After the mobile app launches, 100xCoin will offer a wealth of opportunities for investors as the ecosystem grows. Another branch of the coin, 100xRocket, will serve as a platform on which other BSC projects can be started with the support of the 100xCoin community. Ken and the development team will extensively examine projects via 100xRocket before they start to ensure that they are in line with the core values of 100xCoin. This ensures that the new projects are supported by experienced and trustworthy founders who bring valuable use cases to the BSC. 100xRocket gives BSC investments an extra sense of security and at the same time rewards current owners with early access to new projects and the opportunity to generate massive profits.

As Ken and his team keep delivering new and exciting features to the coin, more and more people are seeing the inevitability of 100xCoin dominance and the opportunities that come with it. A growing list of celebrities that includes familiar faces from the NFL, MMA, boxing, entertainment, and extreme sports is on the rise. The collaborations are designed to provide the 100xCoin community with unique NFT uses and offer celebrities the opportunity to expand their brand and be at the forefront of the new art. In fact, the first athlete and celebrity endorsed NFTs across the BSC. With the first project to be launched at the end of May, owners will soon have exclusive access to the rarest and most chic NFTs from the BSC. Through the NFT exchange, 100xCoin is in control of the most collectable artworks in the game.

CEO Ken Llamas is a leader with a vision that has always seen the opportunity to expect investors at BSC. Tired of seeing the bad part of the Wild West where conmen and snake oil sellers try to take advantage of good people, he started a project to set a precedent and create a turning point for the growth of an amazing industry. There is a new dawn in the crypto market. Things evolve and life is changed for the better. Security, legitimacy and transparency are the future and 100xCoin paves the way.

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