3 Rewarding Programs for Blockchain Devs

Algorand has announced three programs to help developers build with and teach each other about blockchain. Even better, there’s money in it for participants.

Looking for a chance to learn more about blockchain, build cool solutions with it, and share your knowledge with others?

Even better, want to see some money for your time and effort?

This might be for you.

The Algorand Foundation is inviting devs to learn more about blockchain development and share their insights. As such, they’re extending a hand to anyone who wants to dive into using blockchain to Algorand’s Developer Ambassador program.

“The Developer Ambassador Rewards program (DevAms) was established to reward developers that are passionate about the Algorand community and want to help educate other developers by creating online content,” according to their announcement. “This program will reward developers for creating tutorials, solutions, and video content.”

First thing’s first — before we go down the rabbit hole, if you want to see what their platform is all about, check out their documentation.

And if all that has your attention, you can get the details at their Ambassador Rewards program.

It’s a program designed specifically for people who want to create content. For those of you who aren’t aware, 99% of content on DZone is community generated — which is why Algorand’s Ambassador Rewards program looks right up our alley.

Here’s a breakdown of the rewards based on the content you create:

A screenshot of a cell phone Description automatically generated

“What’s an Algo?” you might ask. Well, it’s theircryptocurrency. As of writing, it’s valued at about $0.21, so a few thousand of those can add up quickly.

Now, onto brass tacks — how can you get some?

In short, by joining up and submitting a solution or tutorial to Algorand.

  • A “solution” is defined as an app you’ve created or a problem you’ve solved on the Algorand platform. You can see examples of solutions here.
  • Meanwhile, a tutorial is a set of tips or tricks for the Algorand platform. They can be at three different difficulty levels — and they can be written in your language of choice. You can find some of their tutorials here.
  • Here’s a style guide you can use to properly format your submissions.
  • Lastly, here is the submission form to use.

Even better, you can synergize your submissions.

“It is even permissible to submit to the DevAms program, a Tutorial or Solution based on work that you submitted to the Developer Awards program,” according to the program details. “For example, if you submitted a wallet application to the Development Awards Program, you could write a Solution article that details how you built your wallet. You can then submit this Solution using the submission form. You do not need to wait for the original submission to process through the original program either.”

And finally, if you’re interested in researching or building something exciting using blockchain but need a bit of cash to get started, you should take a look at Algorand’s 250M Algo Grants program.

These are potentially multi-year grants to support developers across four different categories:

  • Research proposals
  • Development tools and infrastructure
  • Applications and use cases
  • Education and community

So, if you like building with blockchain and teaching other developers, these programs are definitely worth a look.

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