$30 Million Available in Grants Through the Nervos Network

30 million usd up for grabs in nervos grants

The Nervos Network, a blockchain platform with aspirations to solve challenges that are plaguing Bitcoin and Ethereum says that they are making $30 million USD commitment to motivate developers, according to a press release published on January 9th. The money will be available to developers or project leads through grants organized by the platform. There are five different categories which can be used to compete for a grant. The platform is looking for solutions related to infrastructure, community, app and use cases, marketing, sponsorship, promotion, scholarships, bursary, research, and even personal grants.

In addition to these categories, the platform also provides context through scope of work descriptions, and the list is quite long. They are looking for a lot of blockchain-related solutions (naturally) that will help them achieve their goal of becoming a versatile and durable platform that can be used with any asset. Here are some of the specific grant categories:

  • Light client protocol
  • Interoperability between Nervos CKB and Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • Crypto primitives transplanted to the CKB
  • Smart contract language and tooling
  • Mining pool
  • CKB SDKs and Middleware
  • UDT related ecosystem support
  • Wallet Development

In order to qualify for these grants, applicants are required to go through a three-step process. First, the initial application is reviewed and processed, which if approved you move on to the second step. The application needs to contain details regarding your concept, budget requirements, and team.

The second step is community voting or rather an RFC (request for comment) where you, the community and core developers come together to details the project development road map, answer questions, and evaluate the needs of the community.

The third and final step requires you to submit the full project details and go through a Q&A session with the review council. If your grant is approved, funds will be periodically deposited in your fiat or CKByte accounts, according to milestones detailed in your grant application’s roadmap.

Kevin Wang, a Nervos co-founder with ties to IBM, says that he believes in building a truly decentralized network, and through the grants, he wants to empower and inspire people in the community to help build Nervos into the public resource that he and his colleagues envision for the decentralized ecosystem. If you would like to learn more about these grants, go directly to the source where you can start your grant application process.

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