Aergo mystery community ”419” Puzzle

The crypto community is in for a big surprise. It’s not uncommon to encounter crypto-puzzles around the space that vaguely indicate something big behind it. Though, unclear that what’s behind would be like a Bitcoin puzzle’s rewards, this special announcement made by the Aergo team was made on 26 March 2019. Posted onto the official Twitter & Telegram channels of Aergo, community members were left puzzled as the message appears to encode a secret message signalling something important to come.

The clue is in the translated Hangeul (Korean text) which translates to ‘’419’’ in English.

The admins have not made the situation clear, nor have they provided any clues as to what the message is all about; leaving community members guessing and concerned about what is to come. Though general consensus by the community members is the speculation that the numbers 419 is the possible date for the official Mainnet launch of Aergo, which is said to be scheduled in the second quarter of this year (2019).

Though a quick peek at their telegram will show a diverse range of ideas spurring about on what it really means.

Aergo, the enterprise-niche blockchain platform is partnering up with businesses by helping them utilize distributed ledger technology. With 23 deployed use cases of their technology, COINSTACK, this project is collaborating with several top 100 Forbes companies with the goal of helping them deploy their own Blockchain infrastructure. Aergo seeks to work with medium to large scale businesses that are interested in running their own enterprise blockchain on top of the hybrid network.

Other hunches point to the fact that Aergo has yet to release the next quarter QPU (Quarterly Project Update) to detail transparency on its current operations.

The digital currency which debut in late Q4, 2019 is making waves as the project is working directly with Blocko’s impressive clientele of over 30+ large capped businesses, with notable ones being Samsung, Microsoft, Hyundai, LG, Shinhan Bank and the bank of South Korea.


Phil Zamani, the founder and CEO of Aergo will be on stage at Deconomy in Seoul on April 5, 2019 speaking before Vitalik. Further, a presentation at the Global 2019 Blockchain Expo, London, on April 25 – 26. This leaves fans speculating that the team is set to announce the official mainnet launch of Aergo, prior to the conference, or perhaps it could be partnership announcements on Block Producers or further exchange releases.

Some even addressed that the AERGO Hub and Horde have yet to release about its ecosystem specifics, time will only tell at this point.

Group administrators or members of the Aergo team are not revealing any details, however, it’s logical to assume that the team is keen to release the Mainnet, which would mark the day that Blocko clients will be porting over to the live network to run their blockchain-based services on top of Aergo’s decentralized network.

The team has yet to reveal the grand details surrounding the puzzle; however, it’s clear that Aergo has yet to debut its live mainnet, QPU, Aergo Horde & Hub, and much more.

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