Aergo (AERGO) to be listed on multiple Cryptocurrency Exchanges including Bittrex & BitMax

Aergo [AERGO] has officially been listed on Bitmax, an upcoming brokerage funded by a group of Wall Street veterans and Bittrex ~ a leading US regulated Crypto Exchange. Soon after the BitMax announcement, Aergo price has surged 3.68% in value, receiving a minor boost from the Exchange list. Prior to this week, AERGO began trading live on Bittrex, followed by Bitmex – a sign, showing that demand is building up.

Debuting in late Q4, 2018, there has been an increase in the number of exchanges to list an AERGO trading pair, as they’re now up to 8 Exchanges to list the young digital currency. With a mere market capitalization of about $16 Million, Aergo is one of the few Altcoins to watch in this space as there is plenty of room left for growth.

Aergo is being utilized by large capped companies and corporations, by helping them deploy hybrid blockchains designed to run extensive commercial processes & services. The open source project benefits from a strategic partnership with Blocko, a South Korea Blockchain-as-a-Service provider that boast a clientele of over 30+ partnerships with notable companies such as Samsung, Hyundai, LG, Amazon, Microsoft and IBM

Reaching out to exchanges can be a time-consuming and complex and often difficult process, the team spearheading the project recognize the vital need to ensure that AERGO trading pairs continue to be listed on more reputable marketplaces. Receiving the support of large Cryptocurrency exchange is a big deal for a project, as choosing the right exchange might mean the difference between one hundred thousand and 1 millions customers. Therefore, it’s expected that Aergo will list on several key Cryptocurrency exchanges in the coming months, essentially bootstrapping the digital currency as volume and liquidity begins to pile up

By listing on Premier Exchanges such as Bittrex and KuCoin, Aergo is now becoming more accessible to investors, pleasing its active community of users who are eager to be given more trading opportunities. Worth around $0.17cents, AERGO’s price is surging, when compared to last month’s price range standing at $0.08-.09USD.

Now, with millions of users in over 100 countries, signed up with Bittrex & BitMax, it’s a good sign that Aergo is getting the support of renowned Cryptocurrency Exchanges. It’s no secret that Aergo has yet to list on more exchanges, to boost its native token project and stimulate demand ~ Whilst, Aergo has yet to establish a Market for its own enterprises are exhibiting interest in developing applications and services using Aergo’s decentralized open source platform.

For now, markets are seeing a wave of stability for Aergo, with volume growing after a week of double-digit price gains. The Aergo token remains one of 2019’s most potential Altcoin, considering their good standing relationship with top industry players ranging from Telecommunication to Insurance and the high possibility of transitioning from a Low to Mid Market cap.

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