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[AERGO] – One of the leading enterprise blockchain platforms has officially started trading on UpBit Exchange; a prominent cryptocurrency brokerage in South Korea. UpBit is a well known exchange that launched recently with the help of Bittrex, a major US crypto exchange.

What is AERGO trying to solve?
With several enterprise solutions battling out there, many companies are set to utilize distributed ledger technology in the coming years, however, Aergo is a new contender in the space with esoteric roots in South Korea that are bridging both private & public blockchains. Unlike the majority of projects out there, Aergo is built from the ground up using Coinstack – the proprietary software owned by Blocko, utilized by 25 million users, it’s South Korea’s leading enterprise blockchain service provider.

Aergo is an open source platform that allows businesses to deploy blockchain-based services with a unique modus. This is through bridging private chains on top of a public network known as their hybrid platform. There is a strong relationship between Aergo & Blocko, as some of the lead developers are now focused on developing the open source technology with Blocko as the service provider. According to the team, Aergo is set to take over Blocko’s clientele, consisting of over 43 major enterprises with notable companies such as Samsung, Lotte, Hyundai-Kia, Shinhan Financial Group, the Central Bank of South Korea, and even recently announced, Credit Suisse, are working with the blockchain-as-a-service provider.

Using state-of-the-art technology from a team whose roots stem from RedHat Linux, Aergo’s Mainnet is set to launch on 15th April 2019

An Enterprise Solution, in the making

Aergo with respect to its competitors is classified as undervalued due to it’s low market capitalization. It’s clear that demand is building up as premier exchanges have yet to list the tokens of the enterprise-based blockchain platform in the coming months.

For new projects to get listed on exchanges, it’s no small feat. Especially during prolonged bear markets which we are facing at the moment. Brokerage firms are more reluctant to work with newer projects without a proven track record. For any project to succeed, one of the biggest hurdles that needs to be overcome is finding a way to allow international investors to trade and exchange a newly launched token –  failure to do so would result in lack of liquidity the inability to bootstrap in the current economy.

With demand building up more and more, cryptocurrency exchanges will be more keen to list and support Aergo, this would lead to higher volumes and liquidity.

AERGO had listed on Korbit, Gopax, KuCoin, and BitMax. With the latest Exchange prior to Upbit being Bittrex which had added the Aergo trading pairs. The team spearheading the project are actively involved in not only the development side to reach their milestones, but tenaciously secure brand equity through various means. Phil Zamami and team had attended the latest conferences such as Deconomy and London Blockchain Expo 2019.

Campaign 419 which debut recently is an ongoing event that at first seemed arcane, but further explains the technical and elaborate features of the Aergo network. The campaign is a means to ensure that the community, investors, and enterprises are being provided up to date information via announcements on a daily basis.

With Mainnet expected to launch on the 15th of April, it is observed that the 419 campaign will overlap until the 21st, granted that one announcement is made a day. This is an excellent means to provide clarity towards the community and stakeholders to showcase what Aergo is all about under the hood.

It’s been no doubt an exciting month with a revamp in both marketing, communication, and fundamentals as the launch of  Aergo network draws closer.

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