Bitcoin’s Model Value Based on Fed and ECB Balance Sheets Is More Than $500,000



The Bitcoin (BTC) price is moving around $19,000 for a while as everyone is excited about the next move. Global investors and institutions have shown willingness to enter into Bitcoin, in recent times. The health of the global economy seems concerning, as central banks are pumping massive stimulus money into the system.



PlanB, the popular crypto analyst and the author of the stock-to-flow (S2F) model, shows an interesting comparison between central bank balance sheets and BTC price movement over the last 10 years. Before 2020, the chart shows that the central bank money printing and the BTC goes hand-in-hand.

However, the equation has changed drastically this year as there have been trillions-of-dollars flushed into the global economy by central banks worldwide, as part of the COVID-19 stimulus packages. Interestingly, based on the current balance sheets of the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank (ECB), the BTC price stands anywhere close to half-a-million dollars.

It clearly means that Bitcoin has the potential to explode by 25x from the current levels. Note that $500,000 is exactly the price required for BTC to move past Gold’s existing market cap of $9 trillion. As per PlanB’s Stock-to-Flow- model, Bitcoin can easily achieve this milestone in the period between 2021-2024. He further adds that Bitcoin can approach the real estate market value between 2024-2028.

PlanB’s S2F model simply treats Bitcoin as a commodity and looks at the stock-to-flow ratios for evaluating the current stock of the commodity against the flow of the new production.



The Death of Macros Can Push Bitcoin Higher

Interestingly, PlanB is not alone to expect a 25x jump in the BTC price over the next ten years. Bitcoin billionaires and Gemini exchange founder Winklevoss Twins also believe that this is very much possible. On the other hand, formed Goldman Sachs hedge-fund-manager Raoul Pal in a podcast interview with Anthony Pompliano said that the global macro factors are falling all apart.

Pal further adds that the currency markets are also not holding a convincing future. As per him, this gives Bitcoin considerable leverage ahead. Pal has recently liquidated all his gold holdings and moved it to Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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