Bundles NFT Marketplace Promises Quality Over Quantity

From the outside looking in, a prediction market project launching an NFT marketplace may seem strange. However, it’s all based on our community’s interests which were demonstrated during our NFT drop last March.

The overwhelming demand and engagement stemming from the NFT drop fueled our motivation to dedicate time and resources to develop a full-blown NFT marketplace that will challenge the status quo of NFTs

What makes the Bundles NFT Marketplace better?

Crypto and DeFi are running head-first to eliminate the human factor by automating as much as possible. However, especially in the selection process, we don’t believe that automation is beneficial in any way. This is why we are willing to roll up our sleeves and “get our hands dirty” to help our community with high-quality NFT selections and provide value to the artists through our quality-focused marketplace and help them get one step closer to creating an artistic legacy.

With a “one sale at a time” process the Bundles NFT marketplace is positioned to provide value to artists by giving them the limelight and focused attention of our community.

At this point, we have two confirmed artists bringing a total of 11 unique NFT to the marketplace and we are beyond excited. Bran Symondson and Ameer Carter will be breaking the ice with their amazing works on the Bundles NFT Marketplace. They are both recognized in the art community, featured by top-tier publications, and with amazing works soon to be found on the NFT marketplace!

Beyond the two amazing artists that we’ve signed already, we are in talks with several others. Safe to say, they are still in the decision-making process, but as the marketplace evolves, the community will take a more proactive approach and help us identify and nominate artists for inclusion in the platform.

Platform Fees & Technology

The Bundles NFT Marketplace will charge a 5% sales fee on all NFTs sold on the platform. This cost is covered by the artists and will be used to strengthen the project’s position on the market.

At the moment, we are leveraging the Ethereum Blockchain, but we are working closely with our partners at RSK to deliver an RSK-powered NFT marketplace and ERC1155 token bridge by the end of June.

About Bundles.Finance

Bundles Finance is one of the first DeFi projects to introduce prediction markets through staking pools where it’s possible to compete with other users. Our prediction markets are focused solely on the price of assets and their movement. Users participating in the pools earn $BUND and the platform is available on Ethereum and the RSK blockchain.

Additionally, Bundles is rapidly becoming one of the most selective and quality-focused NFT marketplaces featuring passionate artists dedicated to their craft, hand-picked to develop unique NFTs for the Bundles NFT marketplace. The marketplace itself provides users with the ability to buy and sell all whitelisted artist’s and original Bundles’ NFTs.

Official Links:

  • Website: bundles.finance
  • Telegram Announcements: t.me/BundlesFinanceDefi
  • Telegram Discussion: t.me/BundlesFinanceDiscussion
  • Twitter: twitter.com/BundlesFinance

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