Distributed Cloud Computing Platform CUDOS Listed On KuCoin


CUDOS, the cloud computing platform, has recently been listed on the KuCoin platform. CUDOS is a complete multi-chain layer-2 oracle network that connects blockchain projects to a distributed ecosystem, where they have access to computing powers at lower rates. 


CUDOS Providing Access To Decentralized Cloud Computing 

CUDOS is a multi-chain Layer 2 solution that is cost-effective and is governed by smart contracts. By connecting the blockchain world to the Cudo platform, the CUDOS network increases the performance for DeFi and other popular blockchain use cases. 

Since 2017, the CUDOS network and CUDOS platform have been in development. Backed up by a motivated team and a proven track record, the network managed to gather more than 150,000 users worldwide. Currently present in over 145 countries and 20,000 nodes worldwide, the team has plans to expand its network with the KuCoin listing. 

The smart contracts in the CUDOS platform provide access to decentralized cloud computing and allow blockchains to connect to secure external platforms. CUDOS clients can harness the cloud computing resources securely at a much lower price. It also enables smart contracts to request off-chain computing and run code in languages like C++, Python, and GO. 

The platform overcame the challenges of high-latency and privacy issues as experienced by privately-owned data centers like Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure by channeling the unused power from cryptocurrency mining farms, data centers, and privately owned hardware. 


The CUDOS Token Listing On KuCoin 

After raising over $10 million, CUDOS has recently been listed on KuCoin, the most advanced and secure cryptocurrency exchange. This listing has enabled traders with the opportunity to access a lucrative staking mechanism that is designed to reward users who choose to lock-up their tokens for a limited timeframe. 

The first listing of the CUDOS token was on BitMax, whose funding phase attracted many visitors in purchasing the token at $0.006. Right after the public listing on BitMax, the token has shown a growth of 2350% by getting to an all-time high of $0.147 with significant trading volume. 


CUDOS – Staking Program

The CUDOS network has a staking system that also supports delegated staking. Supported through an incentivized validator node, it earns up to 30% of its stake per annum. Rewards are provided for the stakers via delegated staking program to users that fail to accumulate 2M staking in minimum. The lower the percentage of tokens staked, the higher the rewards and vice versa.


The CUDOS Token 

The CUDOS ERC-20 token allows users to earn rewards through staking. Staking a minimum of 2million CUDOS tokens allows users to become a CUDOS Validator Node(CVN). By adjusting the Annual Percentage Return (APR), the number of validators on the network can be controlled, allowing more users to join the program. For those who cannot stake 2million tokens, Delegated staking is provided to support them earn rewards. CUDOS acts as a governance token that allows the token holders to participate in the network’s governance.

The CUDOS token aims to power the infrastructure of Web 3.0. CUDOS decentralizes the cloud by lowering fees, upgrading the world wide web, and connecting blockchain ledgers to off-chain computing resources. Currently, the token is available for purchase and sale via the CUDOS/USDT pair.

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