Exeedme is Merging Online Gaming with Blockchain Technology to Improve Gamer Revenues

The competitive video gaming sphere has witnessed tremendous growth and the upward trend is not expected to stop any time soon. Esports generates over $150 billions in global revenue and boasts of having over 2.73 gamers globally, translating to around one in every four people.

Exeedme stands out in the cryptocurrency arena because they affirm that a lot is to be gained by embracing Esports. Exeedme realizes that both cryptocurrencies and competitive video gaming are now a global phenomenon. Bringing these together will not only be beneficial to the fans but also aid towards generating more revenue for all stakeholders. By allowing gamers, developers, and Esports organizers to monetize their skills, Exeedme is giving them the motivation to keep pushing and earn more from their passion.

Understanding Exeedme

Exeedme is a blockchain-powered tournament platform that gives everyone involved in competitive video gaming a chance to monetize their skills. Exeedme caters to all players in the Esports industry from gamers, to organizers, and also developers. What Exeedme does is coming up with a gamer-focused economy that centers solely on blockchain.

Fairness and gaining the trust of those involved in competitive video gaming are the two aspirations Exeedme hopes to meet. The project’s vision is building a fair and trusted play-to-earn platform focused on competitive gaming for all. Players can bet on their own victory, and it is with these bets that they get rewards. For any engagement the players accrue, they earn XED, the platform’s native cryptocurrency, and exclusive NFTs prizes once they come out victorious in tournaments or league events. Exeedme rewards the players with collectibles, in-game assets, and trophies and provides an avenue for them to monetize these rewards by trading them for cryptocurrencies.

Exeedme does not focus solely on monetizing the gamers’ skills. They also encourage and nurture them to pursue other avenues to increase their earnings. One can say that Exeedme answered the calls of the players as they were waiting for a chance to have their skills and sacrifices recognized by someone in the cryptocurrency arena.

Exeedme, An Added Advantage to Competitive Gaming

Exeedme identified gaps the current gaming industry fails to fill as the current providers do not focus on the gamers but only their skills. In the current gaming ecosystem, only the top players, game developers and service providers get to earn the big bucks. Less skilled players are usually exploited as they contribute the most yet earn the least. Exeedme’s plan goes beyond the current gaming systems by creating an ecosystem whereby players do not earn just by winning but also through their engagements and progression.

Exeedme is focused on disrupting these unfair tendencies by ridding the industry of these barriers so that gamers can earn maximum rewards from the effort they put in. They plan to do this by introducing matchmaking technology to the gamers and employ a variety of anti-cheat features to ensure fairness is maintained.

Both skilled and competitive gamers now have a reliable platform where they can play their favorite games, place bets on their skill, and get to earn from it. Exeedme pioneer platform stands out as it introduces blockchain technology to gaming while using both Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to provide infinite possibilities to the gamers.

Understanding the XED Token Game Ecosystem

Exeedme’s utility token is the XED cryptocurrency, which players can earn through multiple avenues. XED is an unmatched competitive gaming cryptocurrency that facilitates all of Exeedme’s transactions. In a nutshell, XED is what powers the gaming ecosystem as anyone holding the token can bet and access an array of unique features within the Exeedme platform.

The token is very valuable to gamers as they can use it to access all the offering and top privileges on Exeedme. XED holders can negotiate lower gaming fees, join exclusive tournaments, access digital perks, collectible NFTs, and tokens. XED acts as the centerpiece through which gamers can build and expand their own digital world.

XED encourages players to progress since every instance they stake XED, NFT rewards get unlocked and their exclusivity and rarity keeps growing. This growth is also translated in their ranking position and all this can be attributed to the power XED holds on the Exeedme platform.

Forging Forward

The sky is not the limit for Exeedme, neither is it for their exemplary token, XED. The platform has already shown that they will go above and beyond to improve the experience of everyone from gamers, to organizers, to developers.

Exeedme has already shown that the gaming scene has a lot of potential and bringing in decentralized exchanges to the gamers. These will give them the much-needed financial freedom and access to better investment opportunities that the gaming industry does not provide currently.

Onwards, the market should expect more disruptions from Exeedme that lean towards giving the players the autonomy to choose the rewards that match their skills, not the ones gaming stakeholders choose for them.

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