Gamers to Earn in a Player-Driven Economy Powered by ChainGuardians

Crypto gaming is on the rise as more players are embracing the novel ecosystems created through the power of blockchain technology. New gaming platforms are leveraging the security, accountability and versatility of decentralised systems to create robust gamer-centric economies.

The integration of blockchain technology in gaming is helping these platforms easily transition from the traditional systems to the ecosystems of the future. One such platform that is leading this transformation of the gaming industry is ChainGuardians.

ChainGuardians in a nutshell

ChainGuardians is the world’s first ecosystem that brings together blockchain technology and superheroes. The platform integrates this novel invention into the traditional gaming concepts to create one of the most rewarding player-centric economies. The games on the platform are free-to-play that give users the opportunity to earn tangible rewards, subsequently converting their time and energy into a fruitful engagement.

The ChainGuardians model is a stark contrast to the existing gaming ecosystems that still follow the traditional concepts. These platforms usually operate a pay-to-play model with gamers required to purchase the games or some in-game assets to unlock some features or access higher levels. Some of these platforms also have in-game currencies that players can earn through game play and can subsequently use them for in-game purchases.

Unfortunately, such assets and currencies earned by the players, have no use outside those traditional platforms. Moreover, gamers face the risk of potentially losing their earnings and game progress if the developer corporation deactivates their accounts. For role-playing games, these are important to the gamers as they are a representation of their time and energy in the games.

ChainGuardians has integrated blockchain technology in their ecosystem to remedy these issues and provide a more rewarding environment for all gamers. Gamers earn rewards in the form of CGC (ChainGuardians Coin, the platform’s governance token) from their gameplay. Unlike the traditional gaming currencies, the CGC tokens are valuable outside of the ChainGuardians ecosystem.

The token holders can trade them for other cryptocurrencies or use them for online purchases. They can also stake the CGC tokens across multiple DeFi platforms to earn further rewards through liquidity mining and yield farming.

ChainGuardians NFT Mining Program

ChainGuardians has developed a novel in-game economy by infusing blockchain technology to make their ecosystem more rewarding. This has enabled them to build a player-driven economy where gamers can earn sustainable incomes from multiple sources within the ChainGuardians Cryptoverse.

In this respect, all assets in their ecosystem are tokenized digitally in the form of NFTs (non-fungible tokens), giving them value and making them more useful than those on traditional platforms. Furthermore, ChainGuardians mints only a limited number of NFTs, effectively making them rare and highly valuables. Players can trade the NFTs in secondary markets to convert their earnings into tangible rewards.

ChainGuardians is pioneering NFT mining whereby players can stake their assets to earn additional income. These miner rewards are issued in the form of CGC tokens. This essentially boosts their rewards by providing extra revenues streams.

For a start, the mining program allows staking of ChainGuardians NFTs with the Captain being the first asset to be enlisted. A limited supply of the character was issued during the pre-sale rendering it highly valuable due to its scarcity. Due to its rarity, the Captain will have a Hashing Power of 13.5 TH that attributes 25CGC to the token holders. These will be distributed every 20 minutes to the holders based on their total hashpower. These rewards will half after every 12-months cycle.

The NFT mining program will be gradually opened to the global audience allowing players across other gaming platforms to participate and earn rewards. New batches of select tokens from other ecosystems will be continually added at fixed intervals to the ChainGuardians NFT Global Hashing Mini-Game. This will give an opportunity to the holders of popular and rare NFTs to earn CGC tokens through this initiative. For a start, these NFTs are up for initial consideration:

  • Selected Crypto Punks: 180 GH (Initial Catch Numbers)
  • Selected Crypto Kitties: 450 GH (Certain Fancy Cats)
  • Selected Etheremon: 4.75 TH (Badges #1~3)
  • Captain Devix Attazar: 13.5 TH

The hashrate and amount of rewards that these NFTs can earn is determined by how rare and valuable they are.

Looking forward

ChainGuardians is leading the charge for crypto-based games as they continue to change the gaming landscape across the globe. The platform has built some innovative solutions that help players earn revenues from multiple streams.

Their in-game currency, CGC, will play a huge role by helping players to monetize their skills and time, a major shift from the existing platforms that actually charge them to participate.

Their revolutionary NFT mining program is a bold initiative and a potential game changer for all players. It is an exciting innovation that will further boost their earning potential by allowing them to generate additional income from their in-game assets.

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