Is Torque Trading Systems a scam or a legitimate website?

To be brutally frank, after seeing so many positive reviews and videos on Torque, I was very doubtful, and it seemed to be on fire. Everybody is actually speaking about the arbitration of Cryptocurrency’s daily revenue. So, a few keywords for red alert rolled out.
I did some online research maybe I could get a background check on the company’s legitimacy. And it was not that hard to find out why some companies in Singapore are using this Torque trading system. To my surprise this is one of the most transparent investment arbitrage business that I have ever seen in my years of online investing.

For example: Almega Financial Group: (https:/ Almega Financial from Singapore offers financing and business aspects. Check this:
Almega Financial Group: (
The financial and business aspect is performed by Almega Financial from Singapore. They manage the business side and strategies in order to propel torque.

Snapbots: (
The AI fintech is a part of Snapbots, they are building AI bots to automate trading processes. I guess that’s where the automation Arbitrage and scalp trading comes about.

Snap Innovations: (
Snap Innovations is the Fintech part of the beast. They have been working in the traditional financial industry since 2011. Seems like they are good fit for all AI, tech and finance purposes.

Snap Academy: (
Snap academy seems to be the “educational part”, They are teaching people how to trade and invest. Something like the Binance Academy. I see they are also actively teaching and hiring traders and programmers.

SnapActive: (
Snap Active is their community, where I see lots of good business owners and companies working side to side.

Torque: (
Torque Asia is the part that is running the whole project.
Is Torque Trading Systems company officially registered?
The businesses that was setup behind Torque were very decent and well structured. All the business listed are legally registered in Singapore and has been in the financial and technology industry for quite a while.
I did some further digging and found a few more interesting facts.
They have offices all over the world: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Dubai, China, Hongkong and Australia. So it’s seems legit to me. A scam is rarely having several registered addresses around the world.
So physical Offices, Owners And Company Documents Legit are Verified.

Who is the CEO of Torque Trading Systems?
Then I managed to find the CEO of Torque Trading Systems, Bernard Ong, because I’m a bit paranoid. ( This guy has lots of businesses on hand and this is one of his new projects that he has been working on for nearly a year behind the scene.
After talking to Bernard, he invited me (I was as surprised as you are, you should contact him for any inquiries btw he’s super nice and passionate about what he does) to go down to his Singapore office for a simple introduction of torque trading systems. So, I flew down to meet him and his team of managers in Singapore.
We were greeted by a lot of many Torque enthusiast, that were as sceptical as I am. Australians, Malaysians, Bulgarian, Indians. The office in Singapore is well furbished and employees are actively trading and working. I love Singapore by the way and I feel very safe to have Torque Trading System to be there.

Next was their Vietnam office and it has been great experience to visit Saigon again.
Torque Trading systems main operations are in Vietnam, where it has over 60 traders and programmers, which I think we can find videos of their offices.
Some videos of their office in Vitenam :

The trading happens mostly in Vietnam where they have a lot of employees. The 24/7 customer support are in their rooms. The trading system is also well managed and running automatically, seeking out good trades every second of the day.
Did I mention they have a mining farm in Vietnam? Yes, they started mining Ethereum since as early as 2016So, here’s my conclusion:
I realised none of the arbitrage or crypto investment companies I dealt with is so transparent and friendly as they are.

Does Torque Trading Systems have any Licence to Trade?
To do arbitrage, there is no need to have a license. Anyone can trade crypto currencies. You just need to create multiple accounts in many crypto exchanges. But what makes Torque trading system so special are these few things:

  1. They have an automated screening system to look out for signals to trade arbitrage and scalp. And execute trades simultaneously when there is a positive profit to be made (more info about this and a video on their website).
  2. Their team is constantly upgrading different arbitrage strategies. They have evolved their strategies to a more efficient way called “three-way arbitrage”.
  3. They are trading over 50+ crypto exchanges so there are a higher permutation of different pairs of cryptocurrencies
  1. Due to the high volume of trades every day, they are able to trade in very low commission environment setup for higher profitability
  1. All their accounts are well funded thus when the opportunities are present, they are ready to perform the most efficient trades instantaneously. (Gas fees are saved as well)

Have you invested in Torque Trading Systems?
Earning 0.15% to 0.45% daily seems quite a good deal, but to dabble into any online investments, I need to be sure… Just to be safe (remember you should always do your own research) to start any investment projects, here are some steps I did for my investment safety.

  1. I invested the 1 ETH to try (this is minimum amount)
  2. I monitored it for a few days to see if the profits are consistent and as promised
  3. Once I realized it was working fine, I did a simple withdrawal.
    If I can perform these without hinderance, I believe its secure and I can keep reinvesting my profits back to torque trading systems with more assurance

Here are some more criteria that I think made me felt safer with Torque Trading System:

  1. No Lock-in Period
  2. No Withdrawal Penalties (Horray!)
  3. No Hassle to Top Up Gas Fee
  4. Daily Cut Off Time
  5. Torque Daily Payout (0.15% to 0.45%)
  6. Daily independent Torq token Conversion

Is Torque Trading Systems trading/investment real?
The businesses that was setup behind Torque were very decent and well structured. All the business listed are legally registered in Singapore and have been in the financial and technology industry for quite a while. Torque Trading systems have offices all over the world: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Dubai, China, Hongkong and Australia.
(1) Physical Offices with videos and images all over the web
(2) Verified Owners on social media and LinkedIn
(3) Company Documents Legit and Verified.
They have videos of live trading every day on their Facebook page to show the screened opportunities and the performed trades in diff exchange pairs.
After contacting with the owner Bernard Ong (, and visiting their office in Vietnam (

). I feel they are pretty much legit in all aspectsHow can I invest in Torque Trading Systems without losing my money?
I have been using Torque Trading System since Aug 2019 and I have been getting 0.2%~ average profits daily. Every once in a while, I would take out some profits to reinvest, as well as to cover my initial investments (it’s the most important part I think). It’s a very safe way of investing, and I would expect 6 months to fully cover my initial investment.
If you cannot afford to invest 1 ETH without not able to sleep peacefully at night, this investment is not for you (or any investments btw you should be able to provide your basic needs and save some emergency funds for your health). You should just put your savings in bank and let it depreciate… for now.
If you are a risk-taker, you can invest more, and reinvest the profits to make your initial investment come back at a much faster rate (some sort of cash flow). Once you get back your initial investment, everything else is profits, and let that be a passive investment forever.

What could be the expected profit from Torque Trading Systems if I invest $200?
The minimum investment is 1 ETH (which is around 200USD now). They are claiming to perform 0.15% to 0.45% daily profits. But I have been with them for a few months now and the average is around 0.3~% daily. Only once did it hit 0.41% and the community are really happy about it. Let me do the maths for you:
If I invested 1 ETH, my daily profit will be around 0.22%, which means 1 month there will be 0.3% x 30 days = ~ 9% returns a month. A conventional safe investment is 4%, to beat inflation. We are doing 9% a month. Do the maths and you will understand why it is getting so much traction.
It will be even faster with the compounding effect. i.e. putting back the profits everyday into your account to grow even faster. Google and read up the “rule of 72 formula”. We are 9% so that will make it even faster.
Combine with the right with referrals plans, the compensation plan earning potentially can hit up to 10k/day. Now I am also in their referral scheme where I am also earning 97% of my friend’s earnings every day.
Now let’s be practical. Let’s say if your investment is X times, then you can see the differences with the absolute amount X times. A little bit of hard work is all it takes
Be safe and try small if you are doubtful, or you can go the fast and smart way!

Sign up here to start:
Website: www.Torque.Asia
Telegram: @TorqueTradingSystems
Facebook: @TorqueTradingSystems

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