Kattana: The platform that provides Professional Trading Experience

Crypto trading platform, Kattana is changing the game by aggregating multiple powerful tools to help users trade digital assets like professionals. . 

Kattana is a versatile trading platform that enables users to use their wide range of tools on both centralised and decentralised crypto exchanges. Their full suite of trading tools comprises technical analysis, portfolio management, and strategy automation among other useful features all hosted under an all-in-one trading terminal.

Kattana value proposition

The crypto market has exploded over the past few years with its entire capitalization surpassing the $1.5 trillion mark recently. A significant part of this growth has emerged from the DeFi sector whose total value locked is about $40 billion and rapidly rising. In such a market you would expect to have sophisticated tools that help investors analyse various assets, manage risks, and anticipate market movements. The crypto community has managed to develop some tools that are quite useful in the greater crypto market. However, the relatively new DeFi space still lags behind as some of the existing tools are not applicable in the space. 

DeFi has emerged as a niche sector in the blockchain space with differing market conditions, revenue models and risks as compared to the broader crypto market. As such, trading in the sector requires the application of specialised strategies that are tailor-made for DeFI products. To effectively execute these strategies, traders require specific tools to help them take advantage of the arising opportunities in the sector to make profits. 

There are some projects that have developed such tools, helping traders to spot and exploit opportunities thus improving their profitability and lowering risks. However, traders face challenges in accessing and employing these tools as most exist in isolation or are not compatible with their preferred crypto exchange. 

This means traders have to jump from one platform to the other to gather insights, manage their portfolios, conduct technical analysis and execute their trades. Clearly, this is a very tedious and chaotic experience that makes profitable DeFi trading a highly taxing affair.

Kattana seeks to remedy this problem and go further to offer a smoother trading experience for all its users. The platform is built by a group of traders and developers that realise how archaic the DeFitrading experience is. They understand that the future of crypto lies in DeFi and that’s why they have developed the tools to help users trade like pros. Kattana will serve as a one-stop terminal for trading and analysis for DeFi.

Kattana Features 

The Kattana team is building a one-stop-shop trading terminal of DeFi and so much more. Kattana is a suite of reliable, professional, intuitive, and very fast trading tools that both novice traders and top pros crave. Traders using the platform will get automation, low-latency execution,  and numerous scalable charts to help them make the right moves and act fast before everyone in the market. The platform is designed to cut through the noise to allow users to focus on their trading and execution of their crafted strategies. All this is enabled by the following features under one platform:

Kattana will have the best technical analysis instruments that help traders to stay ahead of the market. Most of the existing charting tools in the DeFi space lack quality historical data and are usually too slow to process huge volumes of data.. Kattana has a robust infrastructure that supports technical analysis on both centralised and decentralised exchanges.

Users will be able to follow up to 8 charts for assets traded on more than 40 DEXs, all in one tab. Moreover, Kattana allows its users to trade on popular DEXs such as Uniswap, 1inch and Paraswap directly from within the Kattana terminal. This will make trading smoother and a much more enjoyable experience by eliminating the need to keep switching across multiple platforms.

Kattana is also providing a frictionless way for working with DEXs, enabling traders to place 3 types of limit orders on a single platform. These tools will greatly enhance risk management especially during periods of huge market volatility.

Kattana also features a simple and professional interface that allows traders to easily access various DEXs from a single terminal enabling them to make complex trades and order types. This will help traders to take advantage of the multiple opportunities across the different exchanges to minimise slippage as well as conduct arbitrage more profitably. These tools will also help in portfolio management as traders can easily aggregate and access all their assets from the Kattana terminal. 

The platform also aggregates cryptocurrency news and provides users with a live feed with insightful information that may have an effect on the markets. This removes the need for traders to keep track of hundreds of sources and subscribing to numerous crypto projects news channels to get important information. Kattana aggregates this news all in one place ensuring that their users stay abreast of the market.


Kattana is a true game changer that will definitely transform the crypto trading experience. Their ingenious approach of aggregating multiple trading tools under one platform will make trading smoother across both CEXs and DEXs. The platform offers cutting edge trading functionalities that you won’t find on the existing crypto exchanges. Additionally, their portfolio management feature and news aggregation are very useful to users as they can easily keep tabs of their crypto assets and the market from the Kattana terminal.

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