keyTango announces strategic partnership with Bondly to explore NFTs

keyTango is super excited to announce our partnership with Bondly Finance to launch NFT initiatives that will broaden our scope of operations in the DeFi space. Through this collaboration we will work directly with Bondly to create unique NFTs and strategise on the execution of their sales.

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The NFTs

We will be collaborating with Bondly Finance and their card game BCCG to facilitate the release of new cards for a new character featured in their Animé, Manga and other media properties. These cards will have functional utilities within the Bondly platform (eg: no fees on products, access to VIP chat) while also exploring additional utilities on the upcoming keyTango platform. We are excited to work with Bondly in the coming months to add additional utilities to these cards while also partnering with them for future keyTango native platform NFT.

To participate in the NFT card sale, please go to . Participants can use either ETH or $BONDLY tokens for purchase. Prices in $BONDLY tokens will be pegged at the date of sale.

If you miss out on the initial sale, you can still access the NFTs on the secondary market (link below).

The sale begins 12:00 UTC on the Mar. 1, 2021 and will feature the following 2 NFTs:

  1. 125 Aria cards priced at 0.5 ETH each
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2. 100 Requiem cards priced at 0.4 ETH each

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Initial Sales:

To buy on the secondary market

keyTango x Bondly Partnership

The strategic partnership between keyTango and Bondly Finance is the initial step in the development of multiple initiatives that are mutually beneficial to both organisations. It enables both projects to grow exponentially within the rapidly growing NFT space by leveraging our individual strengths to build synergies.

Being in the early development stages, we found it prudent at keyTango to collaborate with an established player in the NFT ecosystem to accelerate our market penetration and to accelerate the widening of our product range. Bondly has established a positive reputation through their innovativeness, impeccable execution of ideas and willingness to collaborate to foster adoption of NFT technology.

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