LegendsOfCrypto (LOC) to collaborate with Little Phil, our Charity Partner

We are thrilled to announce our latest partnership with Little Phil, a platform that has introduced a new blockchain-based model of giving that amends trust issues with charities. We hope that this partnership will take our platform to the next level and ensure our mission to constantly donate to worthy causes is supported.

Donating 10% of LOC NFT Sales to Charity

We are very committed to giving back to the community. However, there are very many issues surrounding philanthropy works that can be disheartening. For instance, it can be time-consuming and hard to filter through trustworthy charity organizations that will ensure the funds contributed are used appropriately. Also, certain fundraising drives may not receive the right coverage and funding due to a lack of the right platforms to highlight them.

Therefore, the need to partner with an established platform with a reputation for transparency, honesty, and decentralization led us to partner with Little Phil. Through Little Phil, 10% of NFT sales for the first year on LOC will be donated to charity. This might be later revised depending on how the first year of the partnership will run. In case of any changes, this will be duly communicated.

How The Partnership Works

LOC has an NFT marketplace where users buy and sell NFTs. Since all NFTs on LOC is unique and designed by the team, users cannot buy from external marketplaces. Also, the buying process has been incentivized whereby those who buy NFTs receive kickbacks informing them of the native token, $LOCG. Therefore, 10% of the entire sales of NFTs for the first year will be donated.

For the first few months, the donations will specifically be channeled to cancer survivors who need funding for their treatment. The information about the recipients will be retrieved from the Little Phil platform and the donations sent directly to these cases. In case there are changes on the charities and causes to be given the donations, further communication and details will be availed.

Little Phil ensures that all cases listed on the platform for donations are genuine, by providing mechanisms for verification. The platform allows charities and users to meet in a better environment and gives a better idea and details about the organizations and their projects seeking funding. Therefore, we are confident of the platform and are sure that our donations will be channeled to the rightful charities or individuals.

About Little Phil

Little Phil is a platform that uses blockchain technology to radically transform charity. The platform is hoping to transform the way donations work through the use of smart contracts and an immutable ledger. The platform is providing users with the assurance they need while empowering charities with the needed tools. Therefore, the issues surrounding miscommunication, trust, and mismanagement of donor funds can be handled through Little Phil.

Through the platform, charities can present details about cases that require funding, indicate the target amount of funds, and offer any needed information from donors. Users of the platform have an easier understanding of the fundraising process and are given the option of supporting at their own time, knowing they have complete transparency and control over the charities receiving their money.

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