Love It or Not to Love It, Crypto Regulations Apply to the World

The main argument around regulations was always related to financial stability, protection against illegal activity, innovation, etc but the birth of BTC and the dawn of crypto came as a result of all these rules being broken, with no one facing any consequences. hush

Crypto provided an escape from the glaring financial corruption but as its popularity grows, regulations are been put in place around the world as an attempt to govern or control it.

As expected, some of these regulations come with heavy taxes and privacy projects such as @railgun_project @monero @SecretNetwork, and coin mixers like @TornadoCash and CoinJoin are needed to bypass these unfair taxes.

Let’s face it, all of us are already taxed through direct or indirect taxation policies and we all hate it. Nobody enjoys their hard-earned money being confiscated, and even worse, thinks that it’s spent fairly by the governments.

If the culprits of the financial crisis can escape consequences, why should I have to pay these ridiculous taxes?

Disclaimer: I’m in no way encouraging tax evasion but I watched the government bailing out the culprits with MY MONEY. So I’m still pissed even after all these years.

The US Treasury Department just banned @TornadoCash and we’ve also seen @monero which offers transactional privacy, been banned in several countries due to their inability to track transactions.

@railgun_project which offers privacy on ETH, CoinJoin, and @SecretNetwork, which offers smart contract encrypted data and still going strong with developments, haven’t received the hammer yet.

My fav @SecretNetwork, supports all kinds of applications via its privacy-preserving smart contracts, and users have the ability to share their transactions or information privately with those whom they trust through viewing keys. They aren’t viewed as a threat yet I suppose.

The possibility of having privacy-preserving dApps, games, and NFTs is just the right option needed in the space and one can’t be hush about it. Security against hackers is more or less guaranteed since it’s a prerequisite to staying private online.

Some skeptics may say you don’t need privacy except you’ve something to hide. I’d say privacy is the ability to keep some things to yourself, which can include your actions. No one wants their financial transactions public and what happened to personal data protection?

In our current paradigm, the public nature of transactions and the inevitable regulations IMO is a huge hinderance for wide spread crypto adoption. @SecretNetwork has provided key ingredients not just for adoption but to also fight unfair taxes and regulations.

This post is based on this Twitter thread and reposted from Cryptos.

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