Native NFTs Look to Boost Engagement (and Monetization) for Streamers

Decentralized streaming platform is launching native non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for content creators to mint and share with their fans.

The addition of NFTs to the gaming-focused network means the 800-plus streamers on the platform can create their own unique items, emotes and badges to share with their viewers.

This new engagement tactic by Theta Labs adds another chapter to the book of internet personalities finding unique ways to monetize fan engagement. Theta Labs CEO Mitch Liu said he sees this trend continuing as long as the world continues to stay at home.

“2021 will be just massive for these types of digital assets and collectibles,” Liu said in an interview. “I think it could be just as big if not bigger than this whole DeFi craziness.”  

The ability for creators to easily mint their own digital collectibles is meant to help streamers “increase their earnings” and bring NFT purchasing power “beyond the crypto whales,” Liu said.

Theta’s video delivery network includes Google, Samsung, Binance, Blockchain Ventures and gumi as external validators that process new blocks on the Theta blockchain.

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