Now Is A Good Time To Start A Dogecoin Exchange

For years, people regarded Dogecoin as a joke cryptocurrency that would not amount to anything. Some people may see the lack of a developer roadmap as a weakness, yet that is one of Dogecoin’s strengths. The project remains true to the memey nature it has had since day one. There has never been a more opportune time to run a Dogecoin exchange with prices remaining near all-time highs. For those who want to run their own Dogecoin-oriented exchange, now is the moment to explore the ultimate crypto toolkit called HollaEx Kit.

Dogecoin Becomes A Serious Matter

Contrary to what many people had expected or hoped for, Dogecoin is still around in 2021. Once considered to be the “meme cryptocurrency” of the internet, it now boasts a $35 billion market cap. Several reasons contribute to this resurgence, although Elon Musk and crypto pump groups remain the biggest contributing factors.

As one of the world’s biggest influencers, Musk has been tweeting about “doge”, “DOGE’, and “Dogecoin” regularly these past few months. Every time this happens, the price rises significantly. During the first few tweets, that price gain would be negated in the following days. Something has changed, however, as the DOGE price is not returning to lower values anymore.

For a project launched in December 2013, Dogecoin has had an exciting run. The project was never intended to be taken seriously, although it has a loyal community to this date. From a branding viewpoint, Dogecoin may very well have the strongest appeal of all cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin. Moreover, it remains an accessible crypto asset to mine, getting more people acquainted with cryptocurrencies overall.

Statistics-wise, Dogecoin generates over $6 billion in trading volume. It is found on numerous exchanges and trading platforms, creating many opportunities for others looking to set up new trading platforms. That process has come a lot more straightforward, allowing anyone with a passion for the cryptocurrency industry to play an integral part in its ongoing evolution.

Running Your Own Dogecoin Exchange

To most people, setting up and running an exchange may seem like an impossible task. It requires tremendous technical knowledge to not only set everything up, but it also requires constant maintenance.

However, there is a solution capable of removing the majority of those constraints. Known as the HollaEx Kit, this white-label solution requires a few simple steps to create a new cryptocurrency exchange that lets operators add multiple popular markets with built-in liquidity. It has a simple and straightforward setup process only requiring a few minutes to complete.

The primary selling points of the HollaEx Kit are the user experience and trading performance. For operators, there is the option to directly edit features to customize the exchange to their liking. Modifying the graphics, colors, and text is all done on the fly, creating a seamless experience.

Anyone Can Do It

The easiest way to set up an exchange with the HollaEx kit is by using the bitHolla Dashboard. Anyone can complete the entire setup process through this interface. Users can explore multiple customization options, including which currencies to add, the exchange’s name, logo, and so forth. Additionally, there are options to introduce several user account levels, which may be attractive when imposing certain limits for new and verified users.

Once this step is completed, the time has come to choose a hosting option. Hosting the HollaEx Kit yourself will ensure it remains free to use. This is the best way of running an exchange, as the operator needs to be in full control of everything at all times.

Closing Thoughts

As the popularity of Dogecoin rises, there are new business opportunities to be explored. Providing broader access to crypto assets will benefit thousands, if not millions of people. There is a growing demand for access to Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and other assets. Having more exchanges and trading platforms to support that demand is an essential step toward achieving mainstream adoption.

White-label crypto exchange software such as HollaEx Kit confirm that setting up an exchange doesn’t need to be complex. There is always room for more competition in this industry across the board. Now is a good time to explore the options that are on the table. Moreover, setting up an exchange can introduce business opportunities for many users, making it the ultimate way to become part of the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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