Pledge Coin (PLG) to List on Binance DEX

Pledgecamp has received positive votes from the Binance Chain validators. We will be executing the listing command shortly. #MoonMonday

For those unfamiliar with Binance DEX, it is Binance’s 2019 initiative to create a trustless and transparent financial system that pushes the blockchain industry forward.

CZ recently declared “the future is here” after $1.2 Billion USD worth of BNB was moved in a single transaction on the Binance Chain for a $0.015transaction fee.

In other news last week, Binance launched a new “Community Listing Program” which will list one DEX-listed token each month on its centralized exchange. Earlier in June, Fantom (FTM) was the first to jump from the DEX to the main exchange.

Pledge Coin (PLG) will list on Binance DEX with the following terms:

  • Pledge Coin will list as a Binance-chain BEP-2 compatible token called “PLG.B”
  • This is a distinct coin from the ERC-20 token known as simply “PLG”
  • A token bridge will be created to link the two to ensure total supply will always remain unaffected as PLG.B trading increases
  • The token bridges to acquire PLG.B from PLG and vice versa are in final development
  • Binance DEX customers will be able to trade PLG.B on the Binance chain

The Binance DEX is an exciting new initiative from Binance and shows their commitment to bringing the future of blockchain here today. As it is a new program, please be patient as we work with them to finalize the token bridge technology to be compatible with their chain.

As another reminder, the new Q3 posting schedule begins today. Thank you everyone, and we look forward to bringing you a full week of new content!


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