Project Review – A detailed breakdown of Realio’s Platform, DEX & Issuance Network

Realio is a digital issuance, investment, and peer-to-peer trading platform that leverages cycle-agnostic properties of real estate and other deflationary real-world assets. According to them:

“We source investment opportunities across many asset classes with a focus on real estate private equity and we also provide the tools for 3rd party issuers to digitize their assets and raise capital within the network or use our tech stack as a private white-label solution.”

Realio Team

Before we go any further, let’s introduce ourselves to the C-suite folks and the Director of Engineering.

  • Derek S. Boirun, Chief Executive Officer: An entrepreneur with institutional experience in commercial real estate development, EB-5 capital investments and blockchain-based investing

  • Aaron Gooch, Chief Technical Officer: A technical genius who has spent over a decade honing his software and mechanical engineering expertise

  • Marcelo Mayano, Chief Experience Officer: A leader and “technology ninja” who successfully managed an award-winning tech business since 1999 (MindSmack) specializing in multimedia production and interactive content.

  • Eduardo Romeiro, Director of Engineering: A software engineer and entrepreneur. He was an early member of a successful smartphone telematics startup that delivered insights on driving data and enabled social impacting products.

Realio Platform Features

  • Asset Tokenization and Issuance: Realio has a user-friendly management dashboard that tracks and analyzes investments and supported cryptocurrencies. It has an off-chain security token compliance protocol that allows users to tokenize assets.

  • DEX GUI: Users will have access to a 100% on-chain and decentralized exchange (DEX). Users receive a sophisticated swap, OTC, and trading UI/UX that’s as good as that of any centralized exchange.

  • Compliance Protocol and Ecosystem: Realio has used Hyperledger Fabric to create proprietary compliance that’s chain-agnostic and supports all the major regulatory requirements.

  • Thriving Network: Realio has a strong network of issuers and investors.

  • Seamless User Experience: Compact and well-designed ecosystem allows you to easily tokenize, invest in, manage, and trade real-world assets.

  • White-Label Solutions: Flexible platform that gives you access to their proprietary compliance protocol, investor base, global network, tech support team, and more


RealioX is the decentralized exchange interface of the Realio platform. Some cool features of the platform are:

  • The makers receive 100% of the fees paid by the takers.

  • Market makers also receive rewards which are around 1% of trade value.

  • RealioX will soon have built-in trading bots. These bots can be fine-tuned according to your needs for market-making, hedging, and arbitrage activities.

  • A fantastic and easy-to-use GUI that allows users to access markets 24/7 and eliminate middlemen.

  • No KYC required to access the DEX or trade any tokens.

  • The platform has built-in liquidity.

  • Realio’s innate interoperability ensures that the tokens issued on any of the supported blockchains will be able to utilize built-in DEX, enabling P2P (wallet to wallet) bulletin board style trades.

  • Users can instantly make large trades with buyers in the network without requiring any middlemen.

  • Institutional users can interact in private channels and negotiate trades directly with each other.

Realio Issuance Network

Up next we have the Realio Issuance Network, which is a distributed ledger network designed for regulatory compliance in decentralized ecosystems. The Network has modular compliance and asset tracking protocols which record all transfers using a shared, chain agnostic security token standard to transmit ownership among users.

Realio has adopted the modular, plug-and-play approach to build a single entry point for an increasingly diverse number of blockchains – both public and enterprise. This modular architecture gives organizations the power to either trade tokens publicly on the network or privately among their members.

The Network consists of various validator nodes, which includes:

  • The foundations in charge of the supported public blockchains. For example, the Algorand Foundation.

  • Broker-dealers.

  • Other issuance platforms and issuers.

  • Asset managers.

  • PE funds.

  • Financial institutions.

  • Other major stakeholders.

Realio Tokens and Token Standard

First, let’s look at their security token standard.

  • It limits the ownership of the token to only verified investors who have passed exhaustive KYC and AML checks.

  • Issuers can also build regulatory items to address secondary market trading.

  • The issuer can declare rules that ensure that the tokens can be held and traded in a compliant manner.

  • Ownership transfer is peer-to-peer and chain-agnostic.

  • Every instance of asset ownership is immutably recorded on public, permissionless networks.

Now let’s look at the native tokens. Realio utilizes a triple-token system with RIO, RealioUSD (rUSD), and RST.

  • RIO: This is Realio’s pure utility token that can be used for paying fees for a variety of activities such as creating and issuing tokens for projects, listing them on RealioX, trading fee payments/discounts, etc.

  • rUSD: A stablecoin backed 1:1 to the US dollar that’s held in reserve by Realio’s custodial partner Prime Trust. This can be used to trade with USD pairs on RealioX or any other SDEX-enabled wallet.

  • RST: A hybrid security/utility token that offers ownership and profit share rights over the network. It has been designed for seamless interoperability with other supported blockchains.

Realio Wallet

The Realio Wallet has a built-on fiat on-ramp that gives users full control over their private keys. One of its primary functions is the “Swap” function that’s pretty similar to typical exchanges. The wallet interface includes:

  • Price charts are available via a TradingView chart API.

  • The public data in the charts are available via the Stellar Horizon API.

  • The backend calculates the effective price of a particular order based on the available data.

  • Transaction fees are calculated and paid in RIO.

  • Stellar’s order book will be displayed on the interface.

  • All open orders can be viewed with order and transaction history.

  • A bulletin board will be available that facilitates off-chain order posting and enables users to conduct P2P transactions.

  • All the important information regarding a token or an investment vehicle will be available.

  • Both market and limit orders will be available.


Backed by a highly talented team, Realio is one of the most interesting and promising projects out there. Definitely keep an eye out for them since they will be dominating the crypto headline soon. In the meantime do check out their website. With their sheer variety of offerings, they are bound to attract a highly diverse group of clients to their platform.

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