Sygnum tokenises shares on blockchain; prepares for dual listing

Swiss digital asset bank Sygnum has tokenised its own shares, laying the foundation for a future public offering, which includes a potential dual listing across Switzerland and Singapore in partnership with SIX Digital Exchange (SDX).

Sygnum used its own inhouse tokenisation platform, Desygnate, to issue digital representations of shares and associated legal rights and obligations on a distributed ledger.

With tokenisation, Sygnum’s share registry will continuously and automatically update itself whenever capital increases or share transfers occur, allowing the bank to manage primary and secondary market transactions in a fully digital manner.

The firm says the technology offers corporates a fully regulated, highly efficient and potentially more inclusive alternative to traditional capital raising options, including IPOs.

Desygnate has been designed to be fully compatible with the new Swiss DLT law which enters into force from February 2021.

Of the potential for a dual listing, Tim Grant, head SIX Digital Exchange (SDX), says: “As we build institutional-grade, future-proof financial market infrastructure that leverages the benefits of distributed ledger technology, we need credible players and pioneers to drive mainstream adoption. We are excited to partner with Sygnum on this journey and hope to facilitate a successful dual listing across Switzerland and Singapore in the future.”

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