This Year Proved Asia Is Ahead in Crypto-Blockchain Adoption

Singapore, one of the leading hubs for blockchain adoption, now boats over 400 fintech firms within the island nation, one for every 14,000 people living in the country. “Blockchain” is the fastest growing job skill in Singapore, and among the top 3 in China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Vietnam, according to LinkedIn studies. While BTC and ETH continue to enjoy popularity within the region, altcoins like TRON and EOS have special status in Asia. With all of this activity, the region’s regulators have been paying attention. This has resulted in much regulatory proactivity—with countries from Malaysia and Singapore to Japan and South Korea having unveiled comprehensive guidelines for the issuance and purchase of digital assets, while other regions have lagged behind. This may well signal more things to come in the year ahead.

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