Tinkoff lets customers choose virtual assistant’s gender

The mobile operator unit of Russian bank Tinkoff has revamped its voice assistant, giving customers the ability to choose its name, voice and gender.

In 2019 Tinkoff introduced Oleg, a “polite but also firm” young male voice assistant who can help customers with everything from transferring money to making restaurant reservations. Now Oleg can be changed to Olya, or any other name, and can talk in a male or female voice.

The assistant is not limited to banking issues; customers can choose how it will introduce them when answering calls by setting up their name, personal description, alias and job title.

They can also instruct the assistant on how to handle calls from different contacts. For example, Oleg can tell a caller that he will pass on a message to the Tinkoff Mobile customer if someone from outside their contact list is calling. But when answering a call from a known number, he can also refer to the customer by nickname.

Users can also customise greetings and conversational phrases for the mobile concierge when communicating with people.

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