Traders, listen up! UpBots Is Launching a $25,000 Competition on KuCoin

After successfully launching its UBXT trading pairs on KuCoin, UpBots aims to raise awareness by hosting a one-of-a-kind trading competition. Before we discuss this unique event, it’s important to give out a brief presentation on UpBots.

So what’s the deal with UpBots?

It has often been said that trading cryptocurrencies is not only difficult but also quite risky. This statement is especially true if you’re new to trading in general. There are numerous reasons that stand behind this statement. Firstly, there are way too many trading platforms to choose from. To make the right choice, one would have to spend countless hours doing their due diligence. Failure to do so exposes users to higher fees, access to less appropriate trading pairs, and a lot of headache when choosing which pairs to transact with. Those who wish to limit their risk must constantly keep a close eye on market charts and on-going trends.

These factors create a high entry barrier for beginners, as they must be willing to devote numerous hours to better understand the cryptocurrency market. These downsides are also applicable to experienced traders. After all, while profitable, manual day trading is no easy feat.

Exploring the UpBots solution

UpBots recognizes these challenges and has therefore built an all-encompassing ecosystem for the modern trader. Users can access a series of advanced trading algorithms that can be customized to carry out automatic trades based on predetermined instructions.

Did we mention that UpBots supports both centralized and decentralized exchanges?

That’s right! UpBots features support for multiple CEX and DEX cryptocurrency exchanges. The trading view provides multiple advanced tools that can be easily leveraged to carry out complex, yet highly-profitable trades.

UpBots users can also access a signals marketplace, social copy-trading, and a vast knowledge base. Experienced traders can sell their signals, whereas bot developers can create and rent out next-gen algorithms. Thus, the platform also provides an efficient means of generating passive income.

You can now trade UBXT tokens on KuCoin

Not long ago, UpBots held a successful token sale. Distribution has now commenced, so the tokens can be transacted on the KuCoin exchange. There’s quite a bit of demand at this point, and a price uptrend is expected within the short-term. The arguments behind this statement are simple – there’s a circulating supply of about $193M UBXT and a 24-hour trading volume situated above the $100K threshold. UpBot’s lucrative staking event has encouraged numerous users to provide liquidity, in exchange for a whopping APR and numerous other rewards. Furthermore, UpBots has already released its minimum viable product (MVP), thereby generating quite a lot of hype for platform enthusiasts.

Tell me more about this trading competition!

The details are currently being kept secret by a team of highly-trained experts! But, we know that UpBots will give out 2.5 million in UBXT, which is worth about $25,000. The afferent details will be released on Monday, the 23rd of November, whereas the trading competition will commence on the 24th. In the meantime, you can ready your KuCoin account and prepare your UBXT tokens!

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