Unexploded bomb in Dutch cash collection machine forces lockdown of entire network

Dutch banks have shut down all sealbag machines – ATMs used for depositing cash by small businesses – after the discovery of an undetonated bomb in a machine located in the West-Frisian harbour town of Enkhuizen.

The network of 500 Sealbag machines – run by the largest bank’ shared ATM provider Geldmaat – are a popular option for cash deposits by business users in the Netherlands, providing a quick way to drop off takings and receive an account credit.

The explosive attack on the machine in question failed to detonate, but the entire network has been temporarily shut down as a matter of safety.

“The possibility of undetonated explosives being left behind in a seal bag machine after such an attack poses an extremely dangerous risk,” says ABN Amro.

Geldmaat is reportedly considering the stationing of security guards at machines to prevent future copycat attacks.

In 2019, Dutch banks were forced to shut down outside ATMs overnight to combat a wave of attacks by criminal gangs using heavy-duty explosive charges to raid cashpoints.

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