Upbots & DEX.AG partner to debut the Upbots DeFi Trading Ecosystem

UpBots, a trading marketplace for cryptocurrencies and forex, has recently partnered with DEX.AG to launch the “UpBots DeFi Trading Ecosystem”. With this launch, UpBots has officially entered the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) sector.

Through their trading platform, UpBots aims to serve traders better by equipping them with excellent trading options and unique tools in the cryptocurrency space and beyond. With their new platform, that will become available in the coming weeks, UpBots aims to close the gap between amateurs and seasoned traders through a marketplace for trading bots, signal providers, social copy trading and an online learning platform. They are developing a trading dashboard that enables trading and charting across multiple of the most respected and liquid crypto exchanges.

With their first venture into the DeFi space in cooperation with DEX.AG, UpBots expands the capabilities of their one-stop shop trading dashboard to decentralized exchanges (DEXes) as well. In the next step, UpBots wants to extend their DeFi capabilities to give users the possibility of providing liquidity to various DeFi protocols.

UpBots and DEX.AG certainly share the same goals. The X Blaster feature on DEX.AG automatically searches for the best conversion rates for token swaps, splitting up trades if necessary to give traders the best conditions, just as the UpBots dashboard does, being connected to multiple exchanges.

Benjamin Duval, the CEO of UpBots, said this about the partnership:

Thanks to the partnership, UpBots users will now be able to use the firm’s trading platform, bots, and marketplace for sophisticated decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges. Furthermore, users will be able to trade, swap, and designate liquidity across several DEXs and DeFi protocols — all within the UpBots platform.

About UpBots

UpBots is an all-in-one platform that brings together numerous trading tools, strategies, bots, and other trading resources into a single interface. It provides users with a comprehensive trading experience where they can select what best suits their profile. Connected to multiple exchanges over APIs, UpBots users can always trade at the best conditions.

About DEX.AG

DEX.AG is a renowned DEX aggregator that searches eleven different DEXes to get users the best price for their trade. It’s free of cost, mobile-friendly and offers a wide range of tokens as well. To mitigate price slippage, DEX.AG’s “X Blaster” feature breaks large orders into smaller ones across multiple exchanges.

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