UpBots Review 2021: Crypto Trading Platform, Features & Marketplace

UpBots is the first complete cryptocurrency and traditional trading marketplace. The UpBots platform’s goal is to become a platform that both first-time traders and experienced traders can use to carry out trades. It brings together various services on one platform, services that were previously unavailable to traders. The UpBots platform is easy to learn and navigate, has a user-friendly interface, and is extremely easy to understand. The platform also has features and tools such as risk management tools, trading bots, trading courses, and in-depth material for experienced traders to refer to for their trading strategies.

The trading courses and reading material available on the UpBots platform allows new traders and traders who don’t have experience in cryptocurrency trading to learn the ropes and educate themselves and learn at their own pace. Seasoned traders and investors can find the platform’s in-depth resources beneficial. UpBots has a mobile platform and a web-based platform. Users can browse through and choose from various tools and strategies available on the platform. Those users who do not want to use the platform’s strategies can create their own algorithms. The platform also lets users rent out successful bots. The UpBots social copy tool acts as a bridge between new and established traders.

UpBots was founded by Benjamin Duval, who also serves as the CEO of the platform. He has over ten years of experience in the field of business management. UpBot’s CFO is Julien Quertain. He has previously worked as a risk analyst with several financial institutes. The platform’s COO is Angelique Massolo.

UpBots approach

UpBots offers users more than the existing platforms in the trading space. Current platforms offer users only a few essential tools.  Users can use these tools only on limited exchanges and platforms. The UpBots platform, on the other hand, offers users tools based on their requirements. For beginners, the platform provides basic tools that are easy to navigate around. For the more advanced traders, the platform offers advanced trading tools. The platform can also be integrated with centralized and decentralized exchanges and digital wallets, allowing for a seamless trading experience.


The UpBots platform connects users to all major cryptocurrency exchanges, allowing users to trade at the lowest possible fees. The platform also has multiple features that traders can use, such as trading bots, charting tools, signal providers, and social copy trading. Users can apply these features instantly through the use of APIs. The features that the UpBots platform brings together are useful for both new traders and experienced traders.

Tools like the charting tools allow traders to connect to multiple exchanges are helpful for experienced traders. New traders can benefit from professional traders through copy trading. They can also purchase trading strategies and trading bots through the UpBots marketplace. This approach allows newer traders to profit from the strategy of more successful traders. New traders can also refer to the UpBots learning platform for trading strategies.

User Interface

The UpBots platform has a very user-friendly interface. The interface is easy to understand, sleek, and interactive and packs all the functionalities that a trader needs. Navigation is easy thanks to quick access buttons. Users can easily do tasks like checking their wallet balance, view active bots, and their algorithms. The dashboard doubles up as the homepage, and users can perform multiple actions directly from the dashboard.


The UpBots platform gives users access to trading bots. Trading bots allow traders to streamline their trading strategy. They are easy to activate, and once activated, traders can sit back while the bot carries out their trades for them. Traders have to activate the bots and set up the trading parameters they prefer (entry and exit points, when to take profits, and exit a trade). Once these parameters are set, the bot will do the rest. The UpBots platform is bringing in features that will allow users to create their own trading bots.

Portfolio management

Upbots has several tools that allow users to keep track of their portfolios on different exchanges. The tools provide users real-time updates on their balances and are supported by major exchanges such as FTX, Binance, and BitMex. The UpBots performance tracker, once completed, will allow users to access multiple facilities from the platform. Users will also be able to launch manual trades directly from the platform on exchanges that support the platform.

UpBots marketplace

The UpBots marketplace lets users buy and sell algorithms and trading bots. The marketplace is beneficial to new traders as they can rent proven algorithms and trading bots through it. Initially, UpBots plans to make available only the algorithms and bots that have been developed by the UpBots team and their partners. In the foreseeable future, the marketplace will also allow users to lease or sell their trading bots and algorithms. The platform will charge trading fees only when users profit through the algorithms and trading bots they have leased. The team at UpBots is also working on features like power swaps, copy trading, signal providers, and staking. These features are currently under development and are scheduled for a 2021 release.

Algo Bots

Algo Bots allows users to build, rent, and access signal bots through the UpBots marketplace. Users can then leverage these bots for a hassle-free trading experience. Users can rent the Algo Bots for free and have to pay rental fees only if they can make profitable trades. This approach encourages users of the platform to use Algo Bots for their trades and encourages developers to build bots that are efficient at carrying out trades.

The platform also lets users create their own trading bots through an intuitive, user-friendly interface. This feature is handy for traders who want to create their own bots instead of renting bots developed by other users. Bots can be created through a series of preset options, meaning that users need not have any prior experience in programming languages to create a bot. The UpBots signal marketplace lets newer traders use trading strategies developed by experienced traders.


Upbots, as a trading platform, fulfills all the needs of both amateur traders and experienced traders. The platform has several features that set it apart from other platforms in the space and has several under development features and will be released in 2021. UpBots is a next-generation trading platform that will create a powerful trading ecosystem that can potentially change how cryptocurrency trading occurs.

The platform aims to be the go-to platform for cryptocurrency trading, with multiple tools and the capability to connect to multiple exchanges, all from one simple dashboard. Traders can profit off each other and off the platform’s trading bots and algorithms.

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