UpBots to debut a Multi-Exchange Crypto & DeFi Trading Platform

One of the most ambitious projects of 2020, UpBots looks to bridge the gap between traditional and crypto markets. By providing traders with a multi-functional ecosystem, UpBots wants to eliminate all inefficiencies that they usually face in the market.

UpBots plans to do this by empowering traders and arbitrage. Investors are free to stake, lend, borrow with DeFi projects, or leverage trading bot strategies on a commission-based pricing model. To achieve this vision, UpBots has received support from Alameda Research, Binance Broker, DEX.AG, Reserve, and OKEX.


UpBots is a solution-oriented firm seeking to mitigate the following systemic inefficiencies that the crypto trader faces today:

  • Numerous trading tools

Due to the technical and volatile nature of cryptocurrencies, traders require multiple tools to help them navigate the markets. They are forced to juggle between news aggregators, portfolio trackers, market data and trading bots among many other tools. This can be quite tedious whilst ignoring these tools increases risk exposure.

  • Steep learning curve

Cryptocurrencies are relatively new and the blockchain space is evolving continuously. Therefore, getting acquainted with the subject is quite challenging while mastering trading strategies is an even greater uphill task. As such, newcomers oftentimes make poor decisions that may result in huge losses.

  • Inadequate automatization

Crypto trading is a time consuming exercise requiring serious attention and dedication from the traders. They need to conduct technical and fundamental analysis of the markets on almost a daily basis due to the lack of proper automatization tools.

  • Unpredictability

There has been an influx of crypto trading related services in response to the growing number of novice traders. These services and information sources are usually of differing reliability and credibility making crypto trading a messy affair with unpredictable results.

(source: UpBots)


UpBots understands the above problems and has created a one-stop-shop solution that addresses each of these concerns. UpBots even goes the extra mile by incorporating additional features and functionalities that will immensely improve the crypto trading experience. This makes the platform ideal for both novice and experienced traders by providing access to all tools required for successful trading from a single point of control.

UpBots has brought together the following services that traders could only access as standalone solutions:

  • Blockchain-based web and mobile trading platform that is linked to the major exchanges
  • Complete set of advanced tools and trading strategies
  • Training section to help you learn and grow at your pace
  • Social copy-trading tool for the newcomers and busy traders
  • Bot creator section for user to develop or rent out their trading algorithm
  • Link to the best signals providers in the market
  • Wide range of automatic trading bots
  • Several decision support tools to create an unmatched trading experience

By offering a multitude of services, UpBots drastically reduces the barriers to entry for novice traders who are just starting out in cryptocurrency and Forex trading. An easy to use interface in conjunction with tools for effective portfolio management positions UpBots to become the platform of choice for both beginner and experienced traders.

(source: UpBots)

The feature-packed UpBots platform gives its users secure access to the largest exchanges via APIs. As such, traders will be able to seamlessly trade without worry. APIs also integrates UpBots with high-liquidity exchanges like OKEx, ByBit, BitMEX, Bittrex, CoinbasePro, Kraken, and Binance. UpBots also has an exciting learning platform that teaches traders essential skills and gives them access to a library of resources from more seasoned traders. Overall, UpBots has what it takes to become a premier trading platform in the future. As seen from the public reaction to their IEO, UpBots has gained a lot of popularity within a very short duration.


UpBots have generated their native token, UBXT, that will be used primarily to facilitate transactions on the platform. UBXT is an ERC-20 token that will have the following use-cases:

  • Process all the transactions within the platform. The tokens can pay for different services such as subscriptions, user training, and other purchasable services.
  • Rent bots to trade 24X7 and mirror profitable transactions. Developers of the bots can receive payment via UBXT.
  • Traders can also simply hold on to the tokens and benefit from long-term investment.
  • Traders can also benefit from UpBots’ referral program and bring in new traders into the platform. The referral fees can be paid through UBXT tokens.

The UpBots project is quite exciting as it is set to change the crypto trading game by taking it to the next level. Having completed its IEO recently and getting listed on Serum, the project is ready for take off and poised to make lasting changes on the crypto market landscape.

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