UpBots Unveils Amazing New Features for its MVP Trading Platform

UpBots, the all-in-one trading ecosystem, is set to launch its trading platform after intensive development work for the past 10 months now. The platform named UpBots MVP has some new exciting features and tools, designed to empower all their users whether novices or seasoned traders. UpBots MVP is an all-around ecosystem for trading Cryptocurrencies, Forex, Commodities, and DeFi products on both centralized and decentralized exchanges.

With the UpBots MVP version set to be publicly available in the coming few weeks, we take a deep dive tour into the platform to give you a glimpse of the platform’s existing features. We also review the platform’s latest developments to unearth some of the most exciting and innovative updates poised to make the cut in version 1.

The MVP Interface 

MVP features an aesthetic interface that is greatly appealing and easy to use and navigate. The MVP interface oozes class with its appearance an epitome of both simplicity and sophistication, just like its target users.

This is best exhibited through the user dashboard that also doubles as the home screen. The dashboard displays the user profile, a summary of their trading situation and status of their portfolio. There are quick access keys on the dashboard for users to conveniently view connected wallets with balances, active bots, rented algorithms, and UBXT balances on various connected exchanges.

The MVP dashboard epitomizes UpBots multiple functionalities that have been likened to a Swiss army knife by enabling users to perform various operations from a single interface. This is made possible by the platform’s ability to safely connect with wallets like Metamask and exchanges like Binance, FTX, Huobi and BitMex among others.

UpBots is not all work with some of its features gamified to make the user experience more pleasant. The platform rewards users for various achievements by awarding badges for completing tasks, reaching higher levels of mastery and/or engagement among others milestones. The badges are displayed on the dashboard making it more pleasant to view and admire.

The profile management page is also accessible from the dashboard allowing users to customise their accounts according to their preferences. For instance, users can choose whether to add a photo or an avatar, add preferred base currency and their referral links for uploads. Most importantly, users can boost their account’s security by activating two-factor authentication on the profile management page.

Portfolio Manager

The MVP platform has a very intuitive portfolio management interface that allows users to add multiple accounts for easy tracking and management. Traders can add API keys to link their wallets to their UpBots account from where they can conveniently monitor the distribution and evolution of their portfolio.

Performance Manager

The MVP performance tracker, though still in development and bears great promise, at least going by its proposed functionality. This tool that is set to be released in the next few weeks, is essential and will be a big part of the UpBots platform. Users will be able to launch basic and complex manual trades, as well as monitor the market sentiment from the order book on this page.

The page also features an advanced trading tool for users making multiple trades, using bots and preferences. It will allow traders to select multiple entries, fix multiple targets or take profit and multiple stop losses to afford their strategies as much flexibility and customization as they desire. UpBots wants to empower trading rather than be an obstacle and as such they have plans to develop future versions with multiple capabilities such as trading directly on the chart and modifying stops by simply dragging and dropping.

Other exciting planned developments include adding forex trading in 2021, possibility to create alerts and a host of risk management features and safety measures for cross-market orders.

Trading Bots

The UpBots MVP trading platform has an entire page dedicated to trading bots for easy access by users. The bots will help traders not only to define their strategy but also to monitor their performance and never miss an opportunity again. The Upbots team is currently developing three bots that will be made available to traders soon. Each of these bots will have different functionalities with traders able to activate and deactivate them at the click of a button beside each.

In the future, users will also be able create new bots through five simple steps, through a guided process enabled by the highly innovative platform. An upcoming major release between now and the end of the year will enable users to deploy their newly created bots to trade directly for them.


The UpBots MVP trading platform has a marketplace and algorithm rental section to facilitate the buying, selling and leasing of bots and algorithms. For a start, only those algorithms developed by UpBots and their partners will be available for rent to the community.

With time, the platform will be opened to users that complete the UpBots algorithm developers program and hold a specified amount of UBXT tokens to also rent out their bots. Traders will not be required to make upfront payments for algorithm rentals in line with UpBots commitment to protect their users’ interest.

The marketplace is designed in such a way that performance fees are charged on a user’s account if they generate a profit by trading using a leased bot.

These are just some of the early release features to be included in the upcoming UpBots MVP launch. A myriad of other exciting features are scheduled for early 2021 such as signal providers copy trading, power swaps, and staking that will greatly enhance the traders’ experience on the platform.

If interested in testing the MVP platform or just keen to learn about upcoming releases and development progress, head to demo.upbots.com for timely updates.

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