We Made No Progress, Other Than All the Progress We Made

When I look at the next decade of blockchain-based systems and decentralized protocols, I see far less focus on the asset class, and far more focus on operating progress within the chassis of human technology. To build a capital markets business that treats software units of bitcoin, ethereum and the rest as financial instruments is a great first goal. I would posit that we are already there. From custody to exchanges to broker/dealers, and eventually integrated robo-advisors and fintech apps – this stuff is being solved fast, and by companies large and small. Between Fidelity’s institutional solutions, Coinbase’s American consumer dominance, and Binance’s global presence, we have the initial use-cases covered. These stacks are hundreds of competitors deep, with many doing strong work. Yes, more merchants should accept BTC or DAI or USDC. But this, too, shall come to pass.

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