Webinar – Are Financial Infrastructure Partnerships the Future of Banking?

Digital transformation was on everyone’s agenda.

But probably not with the accelerated schedule that COVID-19, national lockdowns and ongoing restrictions have required. And that has thrown into sharp focus some of the barriers the banking sector faces.

The once-pioneering systems on which Banks are built now present significant challenges in achieving digitalisation, developing customer propositions that are fit for purpose and applying best practices. But what’s the answer?

New Banking Circle research has set out to understand the challenges faced by Bank senior decision makers in respect of future-proofing their organisation, supporting the enhancement of customer propositions and service delivery. Central to the challenge is determining what is core to a Bank’s operations, and therefore probably stays in-house, and what is identified to benefit from external support to improve the customer proposition.

The panel will look at where, by working with financial infrastructure partners, relationships and service delivery between Banks and their business customers can be greatly improved.

The webinar will explore:

  • The hurdles that legacy systems present for digital transformation
  • The benefits that financial infrastructure partnering holds for business relationships and customer experience
  • How banks can disseminate what should be built in-house and where to outsource to partners

Speakers include:

  • Gary Wright – Head of Research, Finextra [Moderator]
  • Søren Skov Mogensen – Chief Growth Officer, Banking Circle
  • Olivier Guillaumond – Global head of Innovation Labs and Fintechs, ING

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