We’re launching the NOIA Network token and it will list on KuCoin!

We put a lot of consideration in choosing the best approach for launching the NOIA token. After carefully examining the available options, we decided on a method unique to us. We believe this go-to-market strategy will prove to be very beneficial in growing network participation and sustaining healthy market behavior while at the same time, rewarding our early community supporters. The IEO route has changed significantly from the time it was first introduced. Today, while most participants are driven by pure speculation, many community members end up not winning allocation lotteries, therefore, the IEO approach doesn’t make for the best long term option. Thus, we decided to avoid the conventional path and opt for our own approach.

Here’s the breakdown of the NOIA Token Launch campaign:

NOIA Network will host a token launchpad event on Cobak for Korean community members. Due to South Korea’s significance in the evolution of NOIA Network and the importance it carries for the company’s future, we are throwing a special launchpad to build a base of local token holders to further strengthen the community.

Link: https://cobak.co.kr/tokensale/sale-45

We are excited to officially announce that the NOIA token will be listed on KuCoin on July 22nd. KuCoin will also hold an airdrop campaign. More details on the exact timing of the event and airdrop participation will be announced by KuCoin in the upcoming weeks.

In the meantime, we invite you to register on KuCoin in advance of the listing if you haven’t yet done so. Link: https://www.kucoin.com/

The moment NOIA gets listed on KuCoin, we will officially begin the program created to reward long-time community members.

We are aiming to create a community of long-term followers, supporters and investors around NOIA token while at the same time providing them with the potential for significant rewards.

With the support from KuCoin, we will take a snapshot of NOIA token trading and calculate the net buying volume (net buying volume = buying — selling volume) on KuCoin across all NOIA trading pairs.

Everyone satisfying the necessary conditions at the time of the snapshot will be entitled to 5 months of airdrops. You will have up to 3 weeks from the day of listing to build up your NOIA token holdings on KuCoin.

There will be 3 tranches of rewards where every tranche represents a minimum amount of NOIA tokens required in order to receive a fixed monthly bonus in the form of an airdrop straight to your KuCoin wallet. You must hold the minimum amount of tokens (or more) at the time of every reward distribution period (every month, for 5 months in a row) to collect the bonus.

Information for NOIA Node operators

Provided that you’ve completed your KYC application on NOIA dashboard, ran a node and have already accumulated NOIA tokens, you are eligible to participate in NOIA Foundational Members Program with your earned tokens included in the required amount.


  • As long as the minimum required amount of tokens is held in your wallet at the time of our monthly snapshots, you will receive Foundational Members Program rewards.
  • Your rewards will be sent to the same wallet that you provided in your KYC. (Do not use your Exchange wallet address!)
  • In case you’ve lost access to your wallet for any reason, please contact us on Telegram and we’ll help you change your designated wallet.
  • Recent node runners can also participate in the program as long as they have accumulated minimum required amount of tokens. In case you’re still a bit short of tokens for minimal required amount, you can acquire them on exchanges and send them to your KYC’ed wallet.


Stay tuned as we’re going to be announcing a number of significant developments and exciting additions to our team over the next couple of days. Feel free to reach out to us with questions, we are always happy to hear from you.

We look forward to the launch of the NOIA Token and the further evolution of NOIA Network. And as always, we appreciate your continued support.

— — —

NOIA reserves the right of final interpretation for all airdrops and programs, and reserves the right to change, amend, suspend or cancel any program, and will have the final say in any challenge or dispute.

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