You Can Now Get Your Hands on Some Sweet UpBots UBXT Tokens from KuCoin

You Can Now Get Your Hands on Some Sweet UpBots UBXT Tokens from KuCoin

Yes, you’ve heard that right! UpBots is planning to create a fully-fledged trading ecosystem that’s on par with today’s market desiderates. And now, you can finally trade UBXT tokens via the KuCoin exchange. In other words, it’s time to celebrate.

Let’s talk a little about UpBots!

Those who are new to trading cryptocurrencies often find it difficult to get started. Why? Because the market features dozens of competing trading platforms, each with its very own particularities. To make matters worse, no service was designed to serve as an ecosystem for all crypto trading needs. We’re actually kidding — that statement is incorrect. UpBots aims to bring just about every tool that you’d need to profitably trade within a singular platform.

UpBots’ feature catalog includes a plethora of essential trading features, including the ability to stake/lend/borrow assets from DeFi protocols, the ability to trade on both centralized and decentralized exchanges, a full set of advanced trading tools contained within a minimalist interface, a signals marketplace, complete trading resources, social copy trading, and of course, bot support. As the name suggests, UpBots features a number of complex bots that you can bribe to do trading on your behalf. Are you a trading expert or algorithm programmer? Even better! Gain access to passive income by renting out your bots or by selling trading signals.

Hurray! UBXT Tokens Are Now Tradeable on KuCoin

With a total supply of 500M tokens, a circulating supply just slightly above 193M UBXT, and a 24-hour trading volume above $100K, it only makes sense that you grab some tokens now.

In case you already own UBXT, you can easily use KuCoin to sell some of these tokens to other users looking to get started. Hey, are you looking to buy some? Well, hurry up! KuCoin already supports UBXT withdrawals.

But why should I get UBXT?

For starters, you can obviously speculate on the price. However, UBXT tokens are much more than that!

UpBots has a highly-lucrative staking program that promises a 25% APY for stakers who lock-up their funds for at least 30 days. Yes, you get token-based rewards, but you also unlock access to a few more incentives. Stakers gain access to a free UpBots subscription for as long as their funds are locked up. Similarly, you can also use three trading algorithms free of charge. Do keep in mind that the staking program is exclusively provided by the FTX Exchange.

What’s next?

UpBots plans to get their tokens listed on a few other exchanges moving forward. As expected, a series of other cool events will likely occur in the near future, so keep an eye out!

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