ZeroSwap to launch $ZEE on Uniswap and Mooniswap

ZeroSwap, the multichain DEX aggregator protocol has officially commenced the trading of ZEE token contracts on Uniswap and Mooniswap. The ZEE tokens will help users to enable on-chain trade with gasless transactions and zero-fees on ZeroSwap Protocol.

ZeroSwap had just finished raising $2.2 million from one seed and two private funding rounds. The funding has been backed by renowned strategic investors and angels like AU21, TRGC, GenBlock Capital, Alphabit, M6, Pranav Sharma (Woodstock Fund founder), and Lester Lim (X21 Ventures). 

The funds raised will help ZeroSwap build a multichain protocol, with DEX aggregation underlying, offering utilities such as Dex Token Offering (DTO) and a market-making suite. Additionally, a portion of the ETH raised will be used to bootstrap the network initially.


Launch information surrounding ZEE

The contract address for the ZEE token is  0x2eDf094dB69d6Dcd487f1B3dB9febE2eeC0dd4c5. The ZEE smart contracts have been audited by PeckShield Inc. A well-known blockchain security and data analytics company, to ensure security and safety.

  • Date and time of launch: Monday, October 19th 2020, at 12:00 PM UTC
  • Participation requirements: You don’t need to do any KYC to participate in the launch. There is no minimum or maximum cap and the base pair for pools will be ZEE/ETH.
  • Listing price: $ZEE will be launched on Uniswap and Mooniswap with the base price of 0.0004 ETH. 
  • Initial liquidity: The initial liquidity on Uniswap and Mooniswap would be 200 ETH against 500000 ZEE and on Mooniswap would be 


What is Uniswap?

Uniswap is the largest protocol in the DeFi space, as per DeFi Pulse, with more than $2.6 billion locked in. It is a fully decentralized, on-chain protocol for token exchange on the Ethereum network. What makes it unique is that it uses liquidity pools instead of order books. This allows users to:

  • Quickly swap between ETH and any ERC20 token.
  • Earn fees by supplying any amount of liquidity.
  • Anyone can create a liquidity pool by supplying an equivalent amount of ETH or ERC20 token. Liquidity providers are free to add or withdraw their funds at any time.

All fees generated (0.3% per trade) are added to the relevant liquidity pool. Plus, all the fees go to the concerned liquidity providers in proportion to their contribution to the pool’s liquidity.


What is ZeroSwap? is a Multi-Chain protocol with Liquidity Mining, DeFi Token Offering, and DEX Aggregator that rewards users for every time that they make a trade and provide liquidity to existing DEXes. All transactions conducted on it would be gasless with zero trade fees.

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